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IT Leadership In 2021

As we move full steam ahead in 2021, we take a look at the responsibilities and expectations of us as IT leaders. Eric Knorr of CIO sheds light on what this new year means for us and how organizations will put even more trust in us. He states "The evolution of IT leadership can be seen as a long arc toward greater integration with, and ultimately membership in, business leadership." It's evident that our role within an organization, even our own, must accommodate and attempt to continue to push forward. Knorr emphasizes "...IT leaders must ensure “agility” is not just a buzzword, but an embedded part of IT culture and infrastructure."

Although these times call for a true and genuine "How are you doing" as Knorr states, it is our job as IT leaders to adapt and cultivate change. Knorr puts it perfectly: "Rapid change is always demanding; the immediate goal is to adopt technologies and practices to make it less stressful in extraordinary times." We are here for you.

For the full article, click here: What IT leadership looks like in 2021

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