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August Tech Tips / Do's & Don'ts

Below you will find a few simple tech tip / do's & don'ts to help keep your computers, network, and data safe.

Please feel free to share this throughout your organization!

1. Email Hacks

Always be suspicious of email with attachments at all times. When in doubt, don’t click and ask IT support for help. Anyone can use any display name in their email. Looking at the reply address is the most important first step. Common sense goes a long way. If your position doesn’t have you dealing with invoices, receiving an invoice attachment should immediately set off your alarm. Compromised contacts can also send you bad files. Always ask the sender to confirm unexpected attachments. If in doubt, reach out to IT. Checking email attachments on your phone is also safer than on your work PC.

2. Misc. Device Hacks

Never plug in anything you found or don’t know the origin of into your PC. A common delivery tactic is to spread USB drives around the floor outside of a targeted business. Curious users pick them up and look at the contents on their computer. A virus can be triggered the moment you plug it in.

3. Passwords

Never share your passwords with anyone. Be careful when typing it in while in front of others, or saying it out loud. Never leave your PC unattended in front of someone for extended periods of time.

Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and choose 'Lock Computer' to safeguard.

4. Keys to the Kingdom

Never give clients or visitors the company Wifi information. Use the guest password for any outside users.

5. Keep It at Home

Do not bring personal / home computers to work and plug them into the network / connect to the company Wifi. If your PC is infected, you are putting the entire network at risk. Only PCs managed by MC IT should be plugged in or connected to the company network.

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