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2021 Top Security Threats for Businesses

The Information Security Forum (ISF), a trusted source for strategic and practical guidance on information security and risk management, has announced the organization’s outlook for the top security threats that businesses will face in 2021. Key threats for the coming year revolve around cyber crimes: Malware, Ransomware and Network Attacks.

It states that "We have seen an increase in cyber-crime targeting the COVID-19 “opportunity”. Not restricted to ransomware attacks on hospitals, this has also seen targeting of remote workers who are accessing corporate systems. Setting up fraudulent charities, fraudulent loans, extortion along with an increase in traditional phishing and malware are all on the increase. The changing threat landscape requires [IT] risk management and security practitioners to pay close attention to how exposures change over the coming months and the circumstances that influence the level of protection."

For the full article, click here: Top Global Security Threats Organizations Will Face in 2021

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